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Applying for ISO Certification

There are a number of different ways a company can go about achieving ISO Certification. Many of our competitors rely on template driven models or even a completely ready-made system, both these methods really mean, ‘if you do what it says on the tin then you will be ISO compliant’. This of course means that your business needs to adapt to the system. The most effective way for any progressive business to achieve ISO Certification is really the opposite, ensuring that the system is designed around the needs of the business, in this way it will be possible to include many existing systems and processes.

The process we would adopt is therefore as follows:

Once formally engaged we will appoint a qualified Assessor to work with you through to Certification. This would entail an initial visit to sign Confidentiality Agreements and commence proceedings as follows:

  • IRCA Qualified Assessor visits client to go through existing procedures and processes that can be included in the Manual.
  • Gap Analysis – Identifies areas of compliance and non-compliance.
  • System Design – The Assessor will then work with the client’s management team to design a system that meets the need of the relevant ISO Standard.
  • Client commences implementation of required procedures with Assessor providing continuing guidance, help and support.
  • The Assessor will then commence production of Policy and Procedures Manuals relevant to the standard.
  • The Client will receive draft copies for approval
  • Client approves manuals / Amendments will be undertaken where possible providing the integrity of the system is maintained.
  • Further visit to client premises by the Assessor to:
    • Present Manuals and undertake review of implemented procedures.
    • Undertake a first-stage Audit of the system
    • Design Internal Audit system and train internal staff on ISO Internal Audit processes.*
  • Submit manuals to Certification body.
  • Review of manuals and system by the Certification body
  • Certification Audit
  • Certificate raised
  • Presentation of Certificate to Client


* Internal Audits play an important part in maintaining ISO standards and ensure that any external Certification Audit or Surveillance Visit does not result in areas of non-conformance. Unique to ISOCert UK our Assessors provide additional help and support in training internal staff on ISO Internal Audit processes.