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About Accreditation

As far as ISO is concerned there is no such term as ‘ISO Accreditation’ What is usually meant is ‘ISO Certification’.

In certain circumstances clients might request that Certification is provided by an Accredited Certification Body which has been independently audited, certified and accredited by a recognised Accreditation Body, the main one in the UK being UKAS or for North America ANAB.

Accreditation Bodies are essentially self-regulating companies financed by member (Certification Body) subscriptions for the purpose of promoting their own interests.

This ‘Accreditation’ is achieved when the Certification Body is able to demonstrate by means of External and Impartial audit by the Accreditation Body that they work to the requirements of ISO 17021:2011, which is the International Standard for ‘Accredited Certification Bodies’.

ISOCert UK works with both Accredited and Independent Certification Bodies dependent on client choice. Additional information and advice on this is provided from the outset.