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About ISO Standards

ISO Standards are powerful business development tools, once implemented the standard will ensure that best business practices are employed consistently throughout the company. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Research has shown increased profit margins for businesses with ISO Certification.
  • Customers/Clients will have greater confidence.
  • Improved staff motivation as roles & responsibilities will be more clearly identified.
  • Waste and Energy costs controlled and reduced.
  • Improved efficiencies resulted in a reduction in overheads.
  • A powerful marketing tool.


All ISO Standards follow the same business development and continuous improvement model of PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT



PLAN – This is part of the system design phase that the Assessor will undertake with you, it will ensure that the standard is designed around the needs of the business and not the other way round as is the case with many of our competitors.

DO – Once the plan is in place it will be necessary to ensure that everyone in the business works within the plan and the standard.

CHECK – The most effective way to ensure that everyone is working to the standard is to undertake a series of Internal Audits. This is not an onerous task and our Assessor will assist in the design of your Internal Audit processes. As well as ensuring that everyone is working to the standard the Internal Audit will also ensure that the plan continues to meet the needs of the business.

ACT – If the Internal Audit identifies any areas of non-compliance and/or any new requirements then some Remedial Action is required.

By following this simple process the ISO Standard will continue to be an important and integral part of the Development of the Business.

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